Been looking for the ultimate guide to social media image sizes?

Having the right size image on your social media platforms can make a huge difference in how your business comes across to your potential customers.

Banners that cut off wording, misaligned logos, distorted images. All of this can be a major turn off for people and could be turning your customers away.

The problem is that not every platform uses the same sizes, so you will need to adjust your images accordingly to suit.

Designing your images

Don’t have Photoshop to adjust your images? No problem, a free solution is Canva is an awesome online application that is also available for your mobile as an app. For a long time when we first started out, we used Canva to do all of our designs for social media, the header images, the social posts, the flyers etc. For a start-up business or small business monitoring your budgets very closely, this is a great tool that you should consider.

So ready for the ultimate guide to social media image sizes?

This infographic from gives you all the information you need to ensure your social media pages look crisp, clean and professional.