Project Description

Fitness Industry Lead Generation

Josh Beet Fitness required bespoke optimisation of an already existing website. The website was taking payments online for services, but the client wanted to turn it into a lead generation powerhouse, with bespoke forms, landing pages and content visible only to members of certain paid plans. This was to give the clients customers a unique, relevant and streamlined service.


Lead Funnel Landing Page

Landing page creation specific to Josh Beet Fitness’ target audience. This was the intent part of the marketing funnel creation to lead to conversion stage.

Content Refresh

The website had a refresh of content to give it a cleaner more user-friendly approach. Landing pages and homepage were re-designed as a result.

Bespoke Contact Forms

Individual bespoke contact forms were created for each plan type. This enabled the client to filter down the target audience and obtain needed information for the next stage of the funnel.

Tailored Content Hubs

Content hubs created for each plan type. These content hubs would only be visible to those on the selected plans, so each user had a unique, relevant experience.

Membership Only Content

Josh Beet Fitness required a membership feature for those who have purchased a particular plan. Each member would be enrolled in a membership plan and would see a different content hub, menu and client dashboard depending on their chosen membership.

This required bespoke configuration of the WordPress setup to enable the unique, relevant experience that the client’s customers would have. This now means that each member will see a content hub with relevant video’s, PDF’s and text that are specific only to their membership type.

This improves the customer experience and allows Josh Beet Fitness to offer a service that their competitors do not offer.

Offer a Unique Experience …

Bespoke WordPress Optimisation

Bespoke WordPress Optimisation

New Members
In This Many Months
Cups of Coffee Consumed
New Enquiries

Designed to Perform

Along with the optimisation of the website, further funnel consultation and creation was provided. The creation and installation of Facebook Pixel, along with Marketing Funnel support was given. This has created a lead generation website that is out performing the previous website.

Excellent Results

The use of membership only content, along with a new lead generation landing page is offering both the client and their customers a more user-friendly experience that is tailored to them. This allows the client to focus on what they’re good at and the customers to enjoy the experience.